Friday, June 13, 2008

You Want In...

On this?

We'd like to assemble a task force that will help take our ceekay spotting to a more professional level. We need volunteers to sit on our couch night and day and keep a log of her various day to day activities. When you hear a toilet flush, write it down. That kind of thing. It's a full time job, keeping track of one girl.


Rip Colbert said...

I noticed that Caroline was commenting on some dude's facebook picture. She even made allusion to a swear word.

Doesn't that seem like something we should all be aware of?

lady ace said...

Good point. Thanks for being so observant. We should all be more aware, of course, of what she's doing in the physical world. But the virtual world, wow. That's an enormous job. We're happy to have all the help we can get!!