Friday, June 27, 2008

Let's Pause for a Moment

Let us pause our speculations on ck for a moment to remember the late, great Heath Ledger. He is to appear as the "Joker" in the upcoming Batman movie. So it will seem that he is still with us, which will be spooky and chilling. But he is not.

Let us speculate on what he may be doing right now in heaven. Is he cloud surfing? Flirting with angels? Playing with puppies? I wonder.... Will he watch Batman: The Dark Knight on opening night? Is he reading our blog? Is he as concerned with the safety and well-being of ck as we are? I bet you he is.


Hoon said...

He's probably ck's guardian angel. But, she keeps herself out of trouble pretty good, so in his spare time I think he might be checking in on his famous friends, watching them do it with other famous people. Stuff like that.

brian said...

he's pissed because he was murdered so this movie could make more money. boycott it!

brian said...

if there's no free will then i cant help wanting thinking he was murdered, that his death is being exploited to make money, that his death is no excuse for a 2 and one/half hour movie, that i feel like it should be boycotted and that i know i'll hate all the parts showcasing batman's tank, motorcycle or airplane. plus, i hate bruce wayne because he's so rich. and i can't help that either.