Monday, October 27, 2008

the KING of all quizzes

i took a quiz online once that said i was 33 percent gay (that's one-third). i also took a quiz that told me what kind of volkswagon i am (old beetle). and i also took a quiz about how high my iq is (180). since i've become so adept at taking quizzes, i think it's time to develop of a quiz of my own. i like to call it the which park street resident are YOU? quiz leave your quiz answers in the comments to find out who you're most like.

question 1- how tall are you?
a) short
b) average
c) about as tall as caroline
d) very tall

question 2- what would be your perfect date?
a) dinner and a movie
b) freebasing coke
c) washing each other's cars
d) having a rap battle

question 3- what color are your eyes?
a) blue
b) blue
c) blue
d) brown

question 4- how good are you at arm wrestling?
a) not good
b) pretty good
c) way good
d) i find this question offensive and a little sexist

question 5- how many hip hop bands do you have on your ipod?
a) less than 3
b) less than 10
c) less than 20
d) as many as caroline has

question 6- how much do you care about cats?
a) i dont care about them because i'm cold and heartless
b) kitty babies!!!
c) there's always room in my heart for one more cat
d) i'm allergic

question 7- how loudly can you burp?
a) as loud as elin
b) that's impossible, no one burps louder than elin
c) i never burp
d) i only burp when it's appropriate to do so

question 8- (fill in the blank) when i'm coming home from a long, hard day i like to sit back and __________.
a) then get up and bake treats for the millions of people who love me
b) plan my outfit for the next day
c) stalk all of my old boyfriends on the internet
d) eat myself sick off of answer a's treats

question 9- how big a sports fan are you?
a) i have season tickets to most local sporting events
b) i only feign interest in sports so boys will like me
c) i played basketball in high school
d) i think they're mostly annoying and sound like "sshhhhaahhhsshhhw"

question 10- where would you prefer to practice role-playing?
a) in a theater
b) as part of a civil war battleground re-enactment
c) in front of a mirror pretending you're on top model
d) in your roommates bedroom


nathaniel said...

quizzes are too much like school.

Hoon said...

your refusal to participate makes you most like the little cross eyed girl who plays by herself in the public parking lot.

brian said...

i'm not answering question 8 or 10 because i'd feel like i was lying given my choices for answers. but here are my other answers:
6c (except i only have room in my heart to love one cat at a time and right now that cat's name is joan)

nathaniel said...

she sounds hot. can you get me her number?

Hoon said...


you have a split personality. it's split 3 ways between joan the cat, the drug dealers at the end of the block, and caroline!

Hoon said...

just incase you were curious the options for park street residents you could most resemble are as follows:


Hoon said...

and nathaniel,

sure. just dont try to text her i dont think she can read.

brian said...

which house is the drug dealer house?

brian said...

and what about jareth the cat?

Hoon said...

they're at the 600 south end. at least i think they're drug dealers. their house has been raided a few times.

and i think jareth's a nice guy, but i dont know if he's been on park street long enough to establish himself as a real presence yet.

dw said...


Hoon said...

dear aaron,

you're a toss up between allison and the chinese garbage lady. on the one hand, you're very tall. on the other, you're a wimpy baby arm wrestler.

also i dont believe you wood boys dont burp ever.

brian said...

i've never heard aaron burp except on accident

lisa said...

If we move to park street, will you add us into the quiz?

Hoon said...

of course. please please move in.

saul said...


Hoon said...

oh saul. hello.

your score makes you the most like the mexican party house. do you have a madonna shrine on your porch already?

lady ace said...

wait, what's the prize if you win the quiz??