Thursday, August 7, 2008

The owls are not as they seem...

and when i say owls, i mean cats.

if you've been to our complex you know that there's a ton of cats that hang out on our front lawn. i've always attributed this to the relative shadiness (literally and figuratively) of our complex BUT...lately the cats seem to have disappeared.

strange right?

so here's what i think. care got that new iphone recently and around that time the cats mysteriously disappeared. could the cats have been working undercover? monitoring carolines daily ins and outs from the front door? it makes sense, i mean, now that she has the iphone anyone can triangulate her position, rendering those cats basically useless. or possibly redirecting their watchful eyes to another, less tech savvy target.

like, oh let's say, chi chi?

1 comment:

lady ace said...

i agree with that. the owls (cats) are not what they seem. it's true now that i think about it. the cats are diminishing. and i think it mostly likely does have something to do with ceek, since she IS the alpha female of our entrance.