Sunday, July 20, 2008

Could She Be...

The modern-day Elizabeth Taylor? Well let's see:

ET: Despite her fame and unprecedented contracts, despite her oscars and nominations, she's never had good press

CK: (That certainly isn't true of cee)

ET: She's no "hoity-toity" movie queen, lording it over the plebians; she's a nice lady who wants to please

CK: (She certainly does like to please...with baked goods)

ET: The early Liz represented a world of wealth and beauty; she is charming, responsive, bright, a good listener, compassionate

CK: (Hell yeah man)

ET: The later Liz is a parody of Hollywood vulgarity, flashing rock-like diamonds, donning garish portable tents, painting her lips and nails jungle red, cussin' like a stevedore.

CK: (I dont know about the cussing, but rock-like diamonds? that shit sounds gangsta)

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